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Seven Sacred Horses

In late 2007 it was necessary to disperse the herd of wild mustangs from the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. These horses were born and ran wild on 22,000 acres and had not been in contact with humans.

At this time a young Lakota man from the reservation had a vision in which Lakota Chief Sitting Bull came to the young man and instructed him to save seven stallions. The horses were to be kept together as symbols of unity and healing for the seven Lakota nations and all their relations.

The young Lakota did not have the land or the financial means to honor Sitting Bull’s request and to fulfill his vision. A young woman was told about this vision in October of 2007 while visiting the herd of wild horses on the reservation near Faith, South Dakota.   She felt compelled to find a home for the seven horses. She requested that they be kept at the ranch near Lead, South Dakota upon which Pathways now exists. Two days later the seven stallions were transported to the ranch. Chief Sitting Bull’s request was honored and the young man’s vision was fulfilled.

These seven sacred horses have a very powerful healing energy for many who visit Pathways. Enjoy their presence but remember these are still wild horses so do not go into their pasture without permission.

If you would like to contribute to the care of the Seven Sacred Horses click here

Local artist Jon Crane captured the essence of the horses grazing in the meadow at Pathways in his painting entitled Seven Sacred Horses.