Reflections Shared by Visitors

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Journals are placed on benches where visitors can make a comment, draw, or share a thought.

The following visitor reflections were gleaned from these journal entries.

Working my way through my own spiritual journey—what an amazing retreat for my soul. –MP

Thank you Universe, for offering this sacred space for us to enjoy. –Sunshine Rose

I feel at peace here. Birds soaring above. Butterflies everywhere. The gentle breeze making amazing music. I could stay here for hours. Thank you so much for this location. –AAM

This is such a sacred place and the gentle breeze, warm sunshine and babbling brook soothed my soul and I once again remember and feel my connectedness to ALL!!

Pathways healed my soul. It’s a gift to be here! Thank you for all that I have and all healing. The sunlight shining on me unburdens my soul and gives me new hope.

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