Reflections Shared by Visitors

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Journals are placed on benches where visitors can make a comment, draw, or share a thought.

The following visitor reflections were gleaned from these journal entries.

These sacred places are so important for escaping the noise of the “real” world. THIS is the REAL WORLD.

The beauty of nature is God’s gift to us. Appreciating its healing powers is our gift to God. Listen as the wind brings healing to the soul.

I first came here after losing my 12 year old grandson last April. This place is exactly what I needed. I cried and cried but felt his presence and God in this sanctuary.

Our brain is not our mind. Renewing our mind creates new pathways in our brain. The mind leads the brain, not vice versa. Be regenerated.

This year has brought much heartache, anguish and hurt to family, sons and wife, that I have lost my path. I pray for healing for the anguish and hostility and a path out of the darkness.

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