Reviews of “The Turkey Shack”

A wonderfully written story of a farm kid’s traumatic life journey and spiritual awakening.  The pages fly by as Dave struggles to understand and accept things that he cannot fully explain.  If you have ever wondered how to define spirituality, this book is for you.
-Brad Christiansen

A totally engrossing and uplifting book well worth reading. This book would be a great tool for therapists and counselors to recommend to those struggling with family communication, or lack thereof.
-Trudy Severson

I have to say I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to spiritual matters.  I’m more of a “dirt guy.” However, when I started to read Dave Snyder’s book, The Turkey Shack, A Journey to Love, I was captivated.  I basically didn’t put it down until I finished it!
-David Petersen

This book is such a blessing as it tells the story of how the Pathway to Love is full of ups and downs, trials and triumphs, pain and joy, and in this writer’s case, a turkey shack.  It shares how a man, whose life could have been shattered by loss, learned to not only share love with others in his family, his work life, and through the eventual creation of a spiritual sanctuary, but also receive it.  It’s the tale of how this very ordinary man woke up from a lonely and pain filled existence to show us what can happen when we listen and trust the loving voices within and without that guide us as we embrace our own pathway, wherever it may lead.  May we all have love, compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness for ourselves and each other. 
-Carly Ericson, DPT 

A compelling read from an ordinary working man who is willing to expose his deepest feelings and risk vulnerability to bring a message of hope and love to others. He shares his extraordinary experience of discovering that there is more to human life than the physical/material we all think we know.
-Joan K. Irwin, PhD.

A captivating true tale of one man’s odyssey and the creation of a beautiful outdoor sculpture garden and sanctuary in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

What forces led a regular guy to carve out a non-religious spiritual sanctuary and sculpture garden from his Black Hills ranch?  Read it and find out.  You will be entertained and glad you did.
-Steve Zellmer

Disclosure:  I’m Dave Snyder’s cousin, the one sitting next to him in one of the photos in The Turkey Shack, A Journey to Love.  I’ve followed Dave’s progress as he’s written his story and I think he’s nailed it! This book will be loved by anyone who’s struggled with hardship, and by anyone who spends time thinking about “meaning of life” issues.  I guess that means all of us.
-Teresa Rennick

This book will surprise you.
-Jody Severson

This fascinating book is an insight to a remarkable man allowing the reader into his life, both as a struggling boy and adult.  It is honest and compelling …hard to put down until finished. 
-Peggy Hall

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