Reflections Shared by Visitors

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Journals are placed on benches where visitors can make a comment, draw, or share a thought.

Most of the following visitor reflections were gleaned from these journal entries.

I have had many travels around the world, but never have I seen a place so full of such natural beauty.

These sacred places are so important for escaping the noise of the “real” world. THIS is the REAL WORLD.

Listen to the breeze, it calls to you
Listen to the grass, it grows for you
Listen to the water, it flows for you
On this our Mother Earth, listen back and respect her
For we can never repay what she has given us

A cherished time with sisters – those here and those in spirit.

Dear Son, Happy 26th birthday. I pray that Father has delivered you from addiction and from whatever else has taken over your thoughts. Peace. Love, -Mom

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