Reflections Shared by Visitors

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Journals are placed on benches where visitors can make a comment, draw, or share a thought.

Most of the following visitor reflections were gleaned from these journal entries.

Such a generous and heartfelt gift you give to us. Thank you so much for the peace and quiet of heart I felt here today!

Thank you for preserving such a peaceful place. It is my favorite place in the Black Hills.

Bless my brother Bruce and his son Matt. Both gone before we would want. Maybe now I see some things have a purpose. As we walk, we are guided by a dog named Chico. –P.B.

I love this place! My 2nd time here! It is beautiful. Wish we had a place like this in Jamaica! -L.J.

These sacred places are so important for escaping the noise of the “real” world. THIS is the REAL WORLD.

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