God is in all beauty and loves all that is beautiful

written in Arabic by Majid A.

Thank you for making this lovely path. I came all the way from Africa to see this


I love the world

Jenna age 4

My heart and soul are at peace when I listen to the songs of the wind spirits. Every breath I take while I’m here at this sacred spot relieves me of my burdens.

Theresa J.

This is a sacred, beautiful, and peaceful place. I will be back with my daughters. It will be our church.


I love this place! It makes me feel great!

Calli J. age 8

We came here today not knowing what we would see. The beauty we see and the energy here is beyond belief.


Time to stop drinking for good. Starting AA tomorrow. This lovely sanctuary helped to firm my conviction.


Thank you for the critical healing force for me when I had breast cancer (and beat it!) nearly five years ago. The peace and confidence you gave me was immeasurable.


How I wish my son could see this. I hope and pray that it will still be here in 10 years when he gets set free. He has a great heart but drugs took him down.