I honor that place in you in which the whole universe dwells. I honor that place in you which is of light, truth, peace, love and all that is holy – when you are in that place in me – we are one – we are unity.

quote from Ram Das

Quote from Dylan S. age 4. “We are the helpers by being the best selves helping God spread lots of love!!”


We have come humbly to the grounds of nature and will leave as natives - Mitakuye Oyasin (we are all related)


The statue of the Native American holding the buffalo skull was the highlight for me. A suitable tribute to those gone before us and a healing touch.

Rodney G.

Your sanctuary has inspired me to spiritualize my own property.

Vicky Z.

Listen to the breeze, it calls to you Listen to the grass, it grows for you Listen to the water, it flows for you On this our Mother Earth, listen back and respect her For we can never repay what she has given us


Yes, yes – love isn’t love until you can share it and give it. So many are blessed with the sharing of this sacred space.


Beyond the field of right or wrong there is a field. I will meet you there

quote from Rumi

Our family is healing as we walk this path, shedding tears of sorrow and forgiveness. Thank you for enabling us to experience purity.

Jody K.

You will be missed and you will be loved until we meet again